Q&A: Robin Hood Arrows

Copyright Robin Hood Arrows Självklart låter det som en klichéartad sak men faktum är att Robin Hood Arrows finns i verkligheten! Ett tysklandsbaserat företag vars specialitet är just pilar men håller även andra bågskytterelaterade prylar till försäljning. De riktar sig främst till traditionella bågskyttar men jag är övertygad om att alla typer av bågskyttar kan hitta sina speciella pilar hos RHA. Du lämnar en mall för hur de ska målas och sen fixar RHA det!

Så här beskriver RHA det hela:

Customized arrows – not just beautiful but practical too! 

Regardless of whether you are a traditional archer, a compound shooter or any of the many disciplines of archery that lay in between, a set of crested arrows will finish off your shooting equipment to a tee! Not only do crested arrows look good they also distinguish your arrows from other archers (especially useful in 3D archery competitions) and because of our custom made designs they will be immediately identifiable as yours. 

On top of that if, like me, you hate searching for wayward arrows and even worse losing arrows then the answer could be having a set that’s crowned and crested! I have always used the brightest fletching I could find on my arrows and to be honest when it came to finding arrows it hasn’t always helped all that much. In fact at times I was better at losing ‘em than shooting ‘em! With our crowned and crested arrows finding them is now child’s play thanks to the bright colours and designs. I love stumping and in the forest they are easy to find even when landing in thick undergrowth after awkward ricochets off trees or stumps. 

Design AND function, what a result! 

Aren’t they too nice to use though? It was recently pointed out to me by a fellow archer that they would be worried about using ”pretty” arrows in real world shooting for fear of ruining them. An understandable point of view and one I can relate too. All RHA custom arrows are made to be very durable. The design work is all protected behind 3 layers of clear varnish (even on carbon arrows) that ensures your custom design will stay looking gorgeous even through the rigours of hard use. 

In short, there is no down side to owning beautiful, practical and functional crowned and crested arrows so what are you waiting for? Lets get started on YOUR design!”

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Jag fick en liten Q&A-intervju med ägaren och den följer nedan:

Q: Hi Kev! …or is it maybe Kevin?
A: Kev, Kevin anything you like. Ive been called so many things over the years I will settle for either of those 😉

Q: You are an Englishman who has settled down in Germany. Why Germany? Buisness? Love?
A: I have connection to Germany through my wife who come from Hameln (Rattenfängerstadt) but we actually moved back here to run a motorcycle touring business which I did for 10 years.

Q: From where in England did you leave to join the German citizens?
A: I moved here from Norwich in East Anglia but I was born just outside Nottingham and raised in Sherwood forest (true 😮 )

Q: You are running Robin Hood Arrows at www.robinhoodarrows.com. How did you come up with this idea?
A: Thats a good question. There is a certain company in the states making extremely good quality arrows but nobody here in Europe to match them for service and quality. There is so much archery based business in the US I decided we should have something this side of the Atlantic too!
I want to offer people a first class product with reasonable prices, good delivery times and cheaper postage than ordering from the states. In short Im aiming for the top!

Q: What is your main thing with RHA? I sure get that it is arrows but what else?
A: Yes you are right, arrows are my passion and in particular the artwork that I put on them.
Our main supplier (Bearpaw) makes world class bows so Im pleased to say that they are also a large part of the business.
RHA can also provide any article in the Bearpaw catalogue at market leading prices so all in all I should be able to compete with the best out there.

Q: I know that RHA is pretty new on the market, when did you go live with RHA?
A: Yep, brand new out of the wrapper! Haha!
The company officially went live at the beginning of 2014 but I have been working on setting up suppliers and the website for many months before that.

Q: …and how is the business going so far?
A: There has been a lot of interest from all over the world. Im receiving offers from some of the worlds top instinctive archers to review my products because they like what they’ve seen. If I took up on these offers I dont think I would be able to keep up with demand!
Having said that any new business takes time to build a customer base but things are looking very good for the future.

Q: Customers from all over the world?
A: Oh yes! 😉

Q: Do you have any plans for the future for RHA? Like a vision of how you want it to progress?
A: To be honest once the cresting side of the business takes off it will take up most of my time. I absolutely love doing it so that would be the dream. Whether its design work with the customer, applying the design on to the shafts or any of the many administrative tasks Im really happy doing what I do. Everything else is a bonus.

Q: I’ve heard that you are a pretty good/accurate archer. Do you have any tip for the readers on how to improve their sight/aim/hitting the sweet spot?
A: Im not sure Im as good as some people think! Like most archers I have good days and bad days.
The only tip I would give is be consistent. Practice every moment you get and be consistent.

Har du ingenting för dig just nu så titta över till Kev och spana in hans Robin Hood Arrows!